niedziela, 28 września 2008

First day on skis and first blood

After saturdays evenig ceremony of opeing freeride (Gąsior, Słodki, Kaszana, Jędreak, Kala and me) season, we wake up sunday morning support by great weather.
First turs was exelent, surprising that I never forget moves on skis. After that we try first jump. First small one and after that try a bigest one. At least I land on flat zone after and hit my face and arm into my knees.
Maybe scrach face mean great season? Hope yes!

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poniedziałek, 22 września 2008

19 September we left Zakopane with course Acrobat Park in Stity (Czech Republic).
Weatcher waes terrible. Rain, cold and icy water, so we don't make to much jumps.
Do some tricks, but most impresive action was double beckflip by Cichy.
Watch a wideo here

Team: (from left) Tomasz Wojnar, Łukasz Ciszek, Michał Nikliński and at other side of lenses Me.

Michał opeing a beer by own eye.

Michał make some backflip.

Me twisting some shifty.
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wtorek, 16 września 2008

First snow in Tatra this autumn

Here is a foto made from mid station cable car (about 1300m high).
First snow in this season, unskiable, to many rockies but remaining that season in com'in.
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niedziela, 14 września 2008

Autumn in Tatra Mountains part 2

...second part of pics. Enjoy!

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Autumn in Tatra Montains part 1

Now start autumn in Tatras. Here you got some pics.

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Hejszowina by summer part 4

Pics of instructors... (please don't speak)

Game "Fight for fire" by Kristofer Bersseker

Free time for messeges.

Every day happy maker.

"...jechał rolnik na ciągniku..." don't know how to translate
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Hejszowina by summer part 3

One day we were at bivy.

Watching sunset.

Marta's hard working/

Me and girs wainting for bus...

Here guys waiting for this same bus...
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Hejszowina by summer part 2

Harder problem but at least fall.

And softer problem.

Like everytime, sometimes, somebody is roll'in.

Spoting, charging, winning. Climbing day.
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Hejszowina by summer part 1

I spent this summer teach kids to climb in nice place like Hejszowina. Here is a small part of pics we made. Enjoy:

Guys charge, girs watching!

Show time.

Girls charge and made it!

Dream team.
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